Czech Republic Online Gambling Legislation

Gambling is widely accepted in Czechia (commonly known as the Czech Republic), as it is in many other European Union (EU) nations. Therefore, the country has legalized a wide variety of gambling options, both offline and online. But there’s a twist that you should know about.

Check out our breakdown of the gambling legislation in the Czech Republic to learn more.

Casino Games and Their Regulatory Status


The Gambling Act of 2016 legalized all other types of internet gambling in the country, joining online lotteries and sports betting, which were already permitted under the 1990 Law on Lotteries and Other Like Games.


What sets this country apart from others in the EU is that locally licensed online casinos have a slew of restrictions to abide by, such as not allowing any bonuses, such as casino welcome bonus offers and free spins, and requiring players to verify their identity in person at an approved location.


Let’s look into how each type of gambling is treated legally in the Czech Republic.


Gambling Since 1990, the Czech Republic has allowed land-based casinos to operate, with all operators needing to possess a license from the Ministry of Finance. Most casinos are found in Prague, where they are usually part of a bigger resort or complex.


Since 2016, operators of online casinos in the Czech Republic have been needed to secure a license. However, locals who want to play casino games like slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker online must show up in person to authenticate their identity. In addition, it is illegal for legitimate online casinos to provide any sort of bonus, free spins, or other form of enticement to their customers.


Therefore, just a few of businesses are authorized to conduct business there at the present time. But it’s not hard for gamblers to access offshore sites, where the odds are better and it’s simpler to verify their identities.



The Czech Republic has no unlicensed poker rooms, but you can play poker at any of the country’s casinos. Like other card games, poker is available at casino tables.


Czech law also protects those who play poker online. However, due to the stringent requirements for obtaining a license, almost no locals use these sites; instead, they opt to play poker at one of the many offshore casinos.



Bingo has been allowed in the Czech Republic since 1990, although due to its low profile, it is rarely played. Bingo is not as popular in the country as it is in others, such as the United Kingdom, but licensed casinos do host the occasional event.


Although it is allowed to gamble online in the country, there are presently no locally approved websites that offer bingo. Online bingo sites that welcome players from the Czech Republic are a popular entertainment option for Czech citizens.



Playing the lottery is a popular pastime in the Czech Republic, where it has been permitted since 1948. It is one of the few European countries that does not restrict competition in the lottery market by allowing only the state-owned operator, Sazka, to sell tickets to its citizens. Tickets for lotteries, scratch games, and keno can be purchased at a number of area businesses.


Residents of the Czech Republic can play online lottery games for real money through the websites of either domestically licensed shops or international online lottery companies.


Gambling in Bitcoin Social Casinos, and Loot Boxes

The gambling regulations in the Czech Republic do not explicitly address free online casinos, which are sites that allow you to play online slots and other casino games using play chips, and hence are uncontrolled. Similarly, there are no laws in place to govern loot boxes or skins betting.


Although Bitcoin is technically legal in the Czech Republic, it is not recognized as legal tender, so you won’t be able to use it wherever you normally would. The only legal option for citizens is to gamble with Bitcoin at offshore sites located outside of their country.

Sports Gambling in the Czech Republic


Sport betting is authorized in the Czech Republic. Sazka, Synot Tip, Chance, Fortuna, and Tipsport are the five organizations that currently hold licenses to conduct business in the country via a variety of sportsbooks and betting shops. Betting on horse races is also permitted in the country within the jurisdiction of the current sports betting license.


The Czech government has officially sanctioned online sports betting. However, once again, locals find the terms and conditions of the few online services to be extremely restrictive and unappealing (e.g., requiring physical identification and offering no benefits). various Czechs avoid local sportsbooks in favor of the various international sites that welcome Czech punters.


Maximum Gambling Age Set at 21

You must be at least 18 years old to enter a casino or participate in internet gambling in the Czech Republic.


Controlling Taxes

Licensed operators in the Czech Republic are subject to a 23% basic gambling tax, with the rate increasing to 35% for those who provide gaming machines or lotteries. There is also a 19% corporate tax that must be paid by the operators.


Winnings (after deducting the initial bet) are considered income and subject to taxation at a rate of 15%. If you win more than 1 million Czech Koruna (about €42,000) in a raffle or lottery, you’ll be subject to the same tax rate.


The Development of Czech Gambling Legislation

The Maiestas Carolina (Czech lawbook) first mentions restrictions on monetary gambling in 1355, under Emperor Charles IV.


Lottery and gambling institution licensing has been discussed since the country’s earliest recorded history, in the 18th century.


In what was then Czechoslovakia, between World Wars I and II, slot machines were mass-produced. During the communist era, gambling was restricted to state-run lotteries and sportsbooks.


The Law on Lotteries and Other Like Games was passed in 1990, legalizing casinos and gaming machines; in 2012, an update to the law legalized internet lotteries and sports betting.


All types of internet gambling were made legal in the country in 2016 under the Gambling Act.

The Basics


The laws regarding gaming in the Czech Republic are simple. Here are the most important considerations:


Gambling at casinos is allowed, albeit both land-based and virtual casinos need to be authorized. While there are a number of casinos available on land, due to stringent regulations, only a small number of internet casinos have been granted local licensing.

Gambling on bingo, lotteries, and poker is permitted: Casinos can run bingo and poker games with their licenses, and multiple companies can sell lottery tickets across the country.

Residents are free to place wagers on a variety of sports and horse racing at any land-based or licensed internet sportsbook.

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