A Look at Chicken Drop

On July 29, 2021, online casinos may expect to find Pragmatic Play’s humorous new slot machine, Chicken Drop.

Chicken Drop is fairly similar to other Pragmatic Play games in layout and gameplay, including a tumble mechanism, free spins, and a progressive multiplier, but its humorous premise couldn’t help but grab our interest!

In what ways I tried out the Chicken Drop slot machine

I did a lot of reading and ran a lot of tests so that my Chicken Drop review would be thorough and useful.

Inquiring about the game developer

Examining Chicken Drop’s provider in great detail, including their history, standing, and reputation, is the first step.

Learning the Game’s Manual

The next thing I did was to read over the in-game documentation for Chicken Drop in order to familiarize myself with its regulations.

Putting in almost a thousand turns

The most crucial aspect of testing is, of course, actual use; in this case, that meant more than a thousand spins.

Checking out every unique detail

I personally tried each and every one of Chicken Drop’s special gameplay elements and mechanics.

Checking out the Autoplay function and other controls

I relied heavily on Chicken Drop’s polished interface to have a great time playing.

Get the Top Bonus when Playing Chicken Drop

The brand-new Chicken Drop has just been released. It’s not easy to predict which gambling site will provide the best welcome bonus. You can find games developed by Pragmatic Play at a wide variety of online casinos, and this particular game may soon be available at the following:

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Winning Symbols and the Chicken Drop

The Chicken Drop user interface is extremely colorful, featuring a wide variety of icons, menus, and settings. In the sections that follow, we’ll explain each in detail.

These signs

The majority of the icons in Chicken Drop represent common farm foods like berries, grains, nuts, and mushrooms. Spades and hearts represent the lower ranks. There is no wild card in this game.

In Chicken Drop, the treasure box is used as a bonus icon. A watering can represents an upgrade, and a clover represents a multiplier. How exactly that operates will be detailed below.

Modulo Increaser

The “chicken drop,” a giant egg, drops on the screen to trigger the progressive multiplier feature. The procedure is as follows.

If you get a multiplier or upgrade symbol during a normal spin (and after all, Tumbling), an egg will materialize. When the egg lands on multiple symbols, it will convert them all to a single, unpredictable one. By doing so, the Tumble function will be activated. The egg will fall once more if a sign for an upgrade or a multiplier appears. After the Tumble, the process will continue until no upgrade icons appear.

The sign for going up in size is a watering can. The egg drop will increase in size with each subsequent strike, starting at 2×2 and going all the way up to 6×6. The four-leaf clover, meanwhile, is a power-up in the form of a multiplier. The egg drop multiplier rises from x2 to x11 with each hit.

Freebie Buy

The “Bonus Buy” option allows you to purchase the free spins bonus without having to wait for your luck to change. You can choose between 10, 15, or 20 free games at a cost of 100 times your stake. However, due to existing gambling rules, this option is unavailable for UK residents.

Surprises abound with Chicken Drop’s eggs.

Chicken Drop’s multiple game modes are the game’s main draw. It’s not your standard 3-reel slot machine found in Las Vegas. In fact, the gameplay is remarkably similar to that of popular puzzle games like Bejeweled and Candy Crush. That’s why it’s perfect for varying up the routine.

The progressive egg drop function is a little tricky to activate but a lot of fun once you do. As the egg expands, you have a greater chance of getting multiple consecutive wins. When added to a high multiplier, this creates the potential for massive payouts.

Chicken Drop Visuals and Audio

The visuals and audio fit in nicely with the game’s rural setting. The music and sound effects, in particular, are extremely busy. Thankfully, you may choose to silence either the music or the sound effects (or both) in the game’s settings.

The whole atmosphere is exciting and hectic. As opposed to traditional slot machines with rotating reels, this one has symbols that simply fall into place. To keep track of your multipliers and eggs, the chicken to the right of the board is the most helpful animation.

Answers to Possible Game Problems

There are a few things you can do if you’re having problems while playing. If you were not risking any real money when the glitch occurred, you can just refresh the website. Remember that you have nothing to lose by trying.

However, you should contact security if you have prize money you want to keep safe. If there is a problem on the operator’s end, your bets and winnings will be null and invalid. Your prior wins should remain unchanged if you have been winning for some time. Any wagers that were in progress at the time of the error would be nullified.


Chicken Drop is one of the most enjoyable new games from Pragmatic Play. Some features, such as wild symbols, are absent. However, the game makes up for its shortcomings with a plethora of appealing extras.

The best of the lot is the egg drop progressive multiplier. It can generate an unlimited number of consecutive victories with massive multipliers. The feature where you get a certain number of free spins (which can be retriggered) is also on the horizon.

The grid concept is what separates Chicken Drop from other slots, though. It’s possible that other games exist besides Chicken Drop that make use of a grid. However, the Tumble mechanism takes the excitement to a new level.

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